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My experience at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in Arlington has been great! I transferred from Georgia in 2012 and after taking a break from school I enrolled at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in November 2014. Being a transfer from another state the State Board requirements were different, but Ms. Alice made sure I knew exactly what I needed to know for the Texas State Board. Any questions I had, Ms Alice had them for me without hesitation. Ms Alice was always bright and joyful, which made my day brighter, even when I was having a bad day. Ms. Cathy and Ms. Tanya were always very helpful with any questions I ever asked them. Ms. Shae is an awesome instructor and really know her stuff. My experience at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in Arlington was great!

Brandi Shannon


When I came to find out about attending I.T.S. Academy of Beauty I felt very confident and excited to take a new direction in my career. I loved coming to school and really enjoyed learning new things. The instructors were very thorough and equipped me to move into the next stage of my courses.

Trisha Horn

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in Denton

Since the moment I saw the sign for for I.T.S. Academy of Beauty, my first though was “I want to be a Cosmetologist.” My nephew also was my inspiration, he always needed to have his hair done. Beauty school was a challenge, I needed to be a part time student because I needed to work full time. It took more than a year to complete this course, but I did it. It was an exciting time, I have learned a lot and made new friends. I had good instructors and a pushy director to who I today thank for it. It was a learning process and I really hope to persevere in this career. Why? Because I love it!

Martiza De La Rosa

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in Denton

My experience at I.T.S. Academy was great, I enjoyed coming to this school and I would recommend it anyone. All the teachers and staff were really nice and patient and I never had any problems with anyone. I learned so many things during my education that will never forget. Thank you to everyone that helped me!

Janet R

I moved here from Louisiana and decided to go to beauty school because I have a passion for hair, skin, and nails. Being at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty I learned so much and it also helped me to grow up. I have become a much better person, a better stylist and a better overall individual. Working with the instructors at ITS in Arlington was very helpful and I have become such a great stylist. Thank you I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in Arlington!

Simone Adeshina

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Arlington

My experience at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty was an overall good experience. I’ve learned a lot since I have attended school and have met some great people along the way. I think the instructors have gotten me ready to be a successful Cosmetologist, using the knowledge that I have gained while at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty.

Vera Kirby

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Denton

Overall my experience at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty was great. I absolutely loved my teacher, she did such an amazing job in teaching us what we were supposed to be learning. I loved the competitions we had each month, I loved the school activities we had as well as the guest speakers the school would host.

Nadia Garcia

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Denton

My experience at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty was a pretty good one. I learned something different from each instructor we had and I feel that what I learned was beneficial. I’m nervous to get out in the real world but I think my training here has prepared me enough.

Taylor Beattie

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Denton

I, Kyaira Cooper, am proud to say I completed my cosmetology course at a wonderful school. I.T.S. Academy helped me in a lot of ways. The instructors are always there when you need them and they helped me grow as woman and in the cosmetology industry. The students became family, they always had my back, and we worked well together. I am thankful to have got the oppurtunity to share this experience with such great people and I will never for this wonderful place!

Kyaira Cooper

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Arlington

I lived in Connecticut before moving to Texas. I went to two other Cosmetology schools before enrolling at ITS Academy of Beauty in Fort Worth. The question wasn’t whether or not I enjoyed doing hair – because that has always been my passion. It was a matter of where I felt I would get the best education for my future. I have a cousin who was Michael Jackson’s hair stylist, so I knew great things were possible in this industry. At ITS I felt at home with the students and staff and I felt I was getting the training I needed to launch a great career. I’ve done some experimenting with color and style with myself. I have a Mohawk and now my favorite hair color is atomic turquoise. Prior to that I had purple hair and dyed my eyebrows to match. I also enjoy doing make-up. I like being bold and creative. My parents were very supportive of my decision to go to cosmetology school and have helped out by watching my seven-year-old son. In fact, my mom was the one who found the school and told me about it. Now I’m happy to give advice to others about a career in beauty and I tell them “if you have a talent or drive or a passion – go for it!”.

Tanaya Arnold

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Fort Worth

I have been to I.T.S academy of beauty three times. I am glad to say that I am graduating today. I have made life long friends. I have enjoyed my clients. Especially the older ones. They had great stories and wisdom. I’m grateful for the experience.


I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Denton

I think that the school was awesome. I learned so much being here the teachers really care about our education. There is nothing more to ask for they made sure we were always on top of our work. This school was very good. I love the staff.

Tavaughna Jefferson

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Arlington

Ah, the journey of the night time Cosmetology student. Late nights every night, driving in the dark, missing your family and friends, forgetting your scrubs in the morning and not realizing it until you are in the parking lot 5 seconds before class starts. To say I was green when I started would be an understatement, the truth would be that I had zero experience in any aspect of Cosmetology before I started at I.T.S. Academy. Two years later I am a licensed professional and leasing a booth at Transformation Salon in Garland, TX. I wouldn’t be here without the amazing support from the instructors. Not only dud they teach me the basics and help me hone my skills as they developed while I was a student, they also kept me going when things got tough. My Director and Registrar kept me informed and on track. The friendships I formed were invaluable and the opportunities like advanced techniques classes and intra-scholastic creative competition are unique.

Lindsey “Dizzy” Whiteside

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Mesquite

I’ve always wanted to attend a Cosmetology school. When I was younger, I had always enjoyed doing makeovers on my friends. I loved my time in school at I.T.S. Academy, I learned much and ended up making a second family. After signing up I was supposed to graduate in May, but later took Advanced Education classes and graduated in February. Five months after my graduation, I opened and managed my own salon.

Jessica Kilo

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Arlington

I went to The International Academy of Hair Design and it made me fall in love with Cosmetology even more! During my time here I started out as a part time student but switched to full time, so I was able to meet every instructor and learn different techniques from each one.

They taught me so much and were so helpful that I have actually wanted to become an instructor so I can teach other students what I learned. Everyone here really helped me prepare for the real world, and along with being very self motivated and hands on, I was able to excel both in school and after I graduated. The Babe’s hair extension class was probably my favorite and I have been in contact with their office and will begin training to be a Babe’s extension educator very soon. After I graduated it was an easy transition to a salon because the school was run like a salon. First I started working at Urban Hair, which unfortunately closed, but not even 6 hours later I had received a job offer from Shampoo ink, which is ranked one of the top 5 salons in Phoenix, AZ. I still work there to this day. This school meant so much to me that I will come back from time to time to give motivational speeches to the students who are currently attending, teaching them with hard work and dedication they can work at their dream salon, just as I did.

Ali Bence

International Academy of Hair Design – Tempe

I enrolled at I.T.S. Academy at Lawton in August 2010. I wanted to be a hair dresser since my freshmen year in high school. After graduating high school I went straight into studying Cosmetology at I.T.S. Academy.

The most enjoyable part of the curriculum for me was the cutting and styling of hair. I also enjoyed dealing with facials and waxing which I excelled in. I graduated from I.T.S. in May 2011 and am currently the Salon Manager at Regis at Central Mall. I.T.S. prepped me for the real world of Cosmetology and pushed me to have a great work ethic.

Andrew Varela

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Lawton

I thought I was never going to obtain my life goal of becoming a hair stylist. If it were not for the loving staff at I.T.S. Academy I would not have finished school. I could tell the teachers and directors love their students. It’s more than a job to them. They didn’t just help me with my hours or skills, they gave me the motivation and drive I needed to get my 1500 hours. I really owe the staff everything. Just a year out of hair school I started my own hair extension company. It does phenomenally. I’m not just doing or selling hair, I’m creating a long-hair culture that will be around forever. I would recommend I.T.S. Academy to anyone who wants to actually finish hair school. I hope one day I can be a part of their education team and give back to the people that gave me the tools to become a six figure hair stylist.

Marcos Venegas

I.T.S. Academy – Mesquite

Cosmetology was something that I had always wanted to do.
I was consistently told that I wouldn’t make money on this career path. My favorite class while attending I.T.S. Academy was the Pravana Color-Vivids course. I now own my own makeup company called Rainbow Looks while also renting out space at a salon to continue my styling career. I’ve enjoyed every and all aspects of cosmetology.

Liz Rodriguez

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Arlington

First walking into I.T.S. Academy I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know how people would embrace me, but everyone turned out to be so nice, accepting, and willing to help

My favorite part was just being in the whole atmosphere, but also enjoyed watching people transform into a new person. The classes that I thought were most beneficial to me were the nail art and drill technique and the hair cutting class (I’m also a fan of the shears and razor!) I am now able to practice my art to the fullest!

Siesha Patton

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty – Arlington

Since I have been at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty I have enjoyed every minute. They work well with you to make sure you have the information. Anytime anything was going on with my financial situation they would tell me. There have been some teachers I was not very happy with, but the overall experience at I.T.S. Academy of Beauty has been very good.

Deborah Howard

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in Denton

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