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Our Programs

I.T. S. Academy of Beauty offers programs in cosmetology, esthetics, makeup artistry, instructor training, and more. Our Milady’s Standard Curriculum will prepare you for taking a state board exam in your program of choice and also provide you with business foundations that can make you successful in almost every aspect of the beauty industry, from freelancing to salon employee. We offer hands on training in our In-House Salon for real world experience.

To learn more about our beauty courses and how to enroll, request more info from us here!

Cosmetology program

Everyone needs a haircut. With Cosmetology training, your skills will always be in demand and with a wide variety of career options that are available your choices are unlimited! As a licensed Cosmetologist, any career option you choose can offer you good income potential, flexibility and independence.

As a Cosmetology student, you will be training in the variety of techniques and skills of cutting, coloring, perming, and styling the hair as well as skin and nail care. From the day you start your training, you will be using quality products and tools in practice and real-life settings. Our Educators are there to help you in learning the basic techniques so you can take your skills to the next level

SOC: 39-5010 | CIP: 12.0401

SOC: 21-1194 | CIP: 120.499

Instructor Program

Have you ever thought about teaching? Do you have a desire to teach as well as learn some of the latest trends in the beauty industry? Then consider being a Cosmetology Instructor!

If you have a current Cosmetology License and are thinking about the rewarding field of teaching, contact our Admissions Department at the school nearest to you and see what options are available to you as an Educator!

Esthetics Program

The goal of ITS Academy of Beauty – College of Esthetics is to provide quality aesthetics education in all phases of modern day aesthetics. We train our students to be successful in the esthetics industry by providing updated, practical and theoretical classes, curriculum and workshops as well as preparing our students for entry-level employment in salons, spas or clinical office.

All students are taught the philosophy of the ITS Academy of Beauty – College of Aesthetics which stresses the philosophy of excellence in aesthetics complemented by lectures, videos, demonstrations on models and hands-on experience while utilizing professional products and equipment in the classroom and on the clinic floor.Our courses are taught within a set, structured curriculum. ITS Academy of Beauty – College of Esthetics divides the state requirements into different levels of instruction.

We set our standards high for our students so they can be better prepared when they are ready to take our schools practice board examinations as well as the State Board examination.

SOC: 39-5094 | CIP: 120.409

Because of those high standards, it is the schools policy that each student must complete and successfully pass evaluations for each phase before proceeding to the next. Students participate in both theory education and “hands-on” practical work on fellow students, models and clientele.

Trained with European and American product lines in both classroom and clinic settings students will also learn innovative Skin Care and Body Spa Services that include:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Full Body Treatments
  • Facials
  • Chemical Peeling
  • Cosmetic Enhancements
  • Waxing

Prior to graduation and before entering the workforce, we train our students in the latest techniques and information they will need to be marketable in the aesthetics business. Our Plano Campus offers a complete course in the science and art of modern day esthetics. This course will prepare each student for the practical and theory examination for the State Board Esthetics license. In addition, the course will incorporate the knowledge needed to pursue a career in the field of salon, spa or clinical esthetics.

SOC: 39-5092 | CIP: 120.410

Manicure Program

Our school is dedicated to providing you with the marketable skills you need to succeed!

Our goal is to combine your unique talents and abilities with our training and knowledge specific to a career in Manicuring. We maintain high standards of teaching and focus on each student’s individual learning and motivational needs!

Looking good and feeling good about yourself provides personal satisfaction. Knowing you can help others look and feel good about them is equally rewarding. A Manicure career can provide that for you! Look and see what are Beauty Schools have to offer and let us help you decide o the career skills that will last you a lifetime and express your creativity as you never have before!

It is the hope and purpose of our Cosmetology Schools to provide students with a positive learning environment and a pathway to career success in Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and related programs. All students are provided a quality education that is up-to-date with today’s trends while using industry quality tools. Throughout your course of Manicure training, you will receive periodic reviews of your progress to better prepare you for your respective State Board Exam for Manicure Licensure and employment.

We Offer:

  • Nail Technology/Manicure training utilizing Milady’s Standard Curriculum
  • Self Image & Personal Grooming Development
  • Product Knowledge information, use of Professional Nail Care products and tools used in training as well as real life application.
  • While enrolled and as a graduate, you will have the opportunity to take Professional Salon Training Classes
  • We are accredited by N.A.C.C.A.S
  • Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify
  • PLUS MUCH MORE! Years of experience and highly qualified Instructors can provide you with the training you need to be successful!
  • Contact our Admissions Representative to set an appointment to see our program in action!

Manicure training offers a wide variety of career options.

All of these career options offer income potential, flexibility and independence. If you are creative, energetic and enjoy working with people, take a closer look at what we have to offer!

  • Professional Manicurist
  • Acrylic Nail Specialist
  • Pedicure Specialist
  • Platform Artist and Educator
  • Salon & Spa Owner/Manager/Coordinator
  • Salon Coordinator and Sales Consultant
  • Director of Education
  • School Instructor or Beauty School Owner
  • Nail care Artist
  • Medical Spa Technician
  • Resort Coordinator/Specialist
  • Aroma therapist/Reflexologist
  • Hotel or Cruise Salon Director/Specialist

Just to name a few! (Some of these professions may require additional training.)

Advanced Programs

Professional Salon Training offers extensive and immersive classes for students and guests alike to help broaden their education in various aspects of the cosmetology field. Classes are held at several schools in the I.T.S. Academy, Olympian Academy, and International Academy family and are taught by world-class artists from within and outside the school system, hand-picked for their skill and renowned work. Along with an intensive educational session focused on the enhancement of skill sets, select classes include specialized kits that contain high-end products to be used alongside the education and inspiration provided by our classes. Each class has the comfortable feel of personalized education while maintaining the professional atmosphere associated with our schools and artists. Both students and guests are welcomed to attend our Professional Salon Training classes.

Professional Salon Training Classes – Open to Public (Students & Salon Professionals)

  • Contour Makeup
  • Clipper Cutting
  • Essential Oils
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyebrow Threading
  • Color Correction
  • Air Brush Tanning
  • Kasho Shears Haircutting
  • Haircut and Color
  • Acrylic Nail
  • Brazilian Wax
  • Hot & Cold Hair Fusion
  • Sew in Extensions
  • Keratherapy – Straitening System
  • Martin Parsons
  • Bodyography Makeup

SOC: 25-1194 | CIP: 120.402

Traditional never goes out of style.

Barber skills are in high demand, not only by men who want to re-live and experience the “total man” style of service from what seems like yesteryear but women are going to barbers too! Barbers understand the importance of image and style, how to create and use lines to design and how a crisp fade or line makes a man (or woman) feel neat, polished and ready to take on the world. As a licensed Barber, you can accelerate your income potential with the right skills that will always be in demand. Everyone needs a haircut, right? When you enroll as a Barber student, you are trained in the art and skill of all things barbering, from facial shaving with a straight razor, classic clipper cutting to advanced styling and design of both hair and beard. Students are trained using professional quality tools and products for both uses in the classroom and on the clinic floor. Our qualified instructors will help you take your skills from ordinary to extraordinary.

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