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The Hairstylist Program that is designed for those whose desire is only hairstyling, no skin, or nails. The program concentrates on hair designing, cutting, styling, blow drying, artistic hair coloring, all the area that make up the program. You can be in and out of school in less than seven and a half months (7.5)

You want to make people look and feel beautiful

What is the difference between the Hairstyling Program and our Cosmetology program?

Are you looking to fast track your way to cutting hair? Finally! There’s a program for just hairstyling. The brand new and super popular Hairstyling Program at Olympus Beauty Academy in Phoenix is your ticket to developing top notch hair skills without the added hours of nails, skin or makeup.

Financial Aid is available for this program!

The Hairstyling Program is just a 1000 hour program versus 1600 hours that are needed to complete the full Cosmetology Program. You will learn all the latest trends and techniques for both men and women using top of the line products.

In the end, you will become proficient with clippers, scissors, razors, and electric styling tools. You will have the skill set to perform chemical treatments like perms, mix and apply color, place weaves and extensions, and perfect a range of styles for various occasions.

The Hairstyling Program in Phoenix is full of flexibility and convenience. 

  • Course Requirements: High School diploma or GED. Must be a U.S. Citizen or Registered Alien
  • Class Start Dates: Monthly
  • Flexibility: Day or evening classes available
  • Completion Time: as little as 7 months
  • Certification Requirements: You must pass a state licensing exam that includes a written and practical test*

What do you learn in the Hairstyling Program?

The Hairstyling Program at Olympus Beauty will focus on all things hair! You will learn the following skills:

  • Hair cutting
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair design
  • Chemical texture
  • Men’s Hair Cutting and Grooming
  • Career Networking
  • Model Workshops
  • Hands-On Learning in our Student Salon
  • Infection Control and Safety
  • State Board Boot Camp


How can I become a Hairstylist?
Becoming a board certified hair stylist takes just a few requirements.

  • Enroll at Olympus Beauty Academy in Phoenix. You must meet the following minimum requirements in order to be considered for the Hairstyling Program:
  • Complete the Hairstyling Program: In as little as 7.5 months, you can complete all of your coursework. This includes the instructional portion, hands-on work and written testing to complete the graduation requirements.
  • Take the state licensure exam. Before you know it, you will be ready to sit for the Arizona State Board hairstyling license exam. Once you pass with flying colors, you will receive your license and begin your professional hair design career.


How much does it cost to take the Hairstyling Program?

Get a quote on the Hairstyling Program today by calling admissions at (855) 814-7954.

Are scholarships available for the Hairstyling Program?

Contact us today to see if scholarships are available for your program. (855) 814-7954.

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