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SOC: 25-1194 | CIP: 120.402

Traditional never goes out of style.

Barber skills are in high demand, not only by men who want to re-live and experience the “total man” style of service from what seems like yesteryear but women are going to barbers too! Barbers understand the importance of image and style, how to create and use lines to design and how a crisp fade or line makes a man (or woman) feel neat, polished and ready to take on the world. As a licensed Barber, you can accelerate your income potential with the right skills that will always be in demand. Everyone needs a haircut, right? When you enroll as a Barber student, you are trained in the art and skill of all things barbering, from facial shaving with a straight razor, classic clipper cutting to advanced styling and design of both hair and beard. Students are trained using professional quality tools and products for both uses in the classroom and on the clinic floor. Our qualified instructors will help you take your skills from ordinary to extraordinary.

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